Awasedo Japanese Fine Grit Natural Sharpening Stone powder 1.5oz.

Awasedo Japanese Fine Grit Natural Sharpening Stone powder using as finger stone 1.5oz. (42g) with 2000 grit water proof sanding paper.

I have got the powder from Kyoto whetstone company that cuts and shapes natural fine grit stones. I guess it contains Oihra uchigumori, shobu, etc. Ohira finger stone is great, but it needs skill and preparation to make the finger stone. Even though we do good job to make the finger stone, it might scratch the blade cause of the finger stone or not matching with the blade. In many years ago, I needed to make nice and easy finish for Jigane for Kasumi finish and Damascus finish, and then I found out the way to do. 

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How to use:

1. Diluting small amount of the awasedo powder in water

2. Taking some drops of the water on the Jigane

3. Just sanding with 1/2 x 1/2 size 2000 grit water proof sanding paper

4. If you would like to finer finish, flip over the sanding paper and scrub on the back side of the sanding paper with some drops of the water

5. The water will not spoil, so we can use it for years, not necessary to throw away the water


Natural whetstone has wider capacity than artificial whetstone, and actually, we do not know until sharpen blade on the hone for a while. Because artificial whetstone molecules do not break down to smaller sizes and contains single sharpening particles, but Natural whetstone molecules are possible to break down to smaller sizes, and there are variety of substances in there, and those molecules are mixed with sharpened steel molecules, and make Jigane as suitable Jigane color, and Hagane as suitable Hagane color. It is natural mystics.