I have planted the papaya tree on the picture over a year ago.
I wanted a Papaya tree closest place from house door, when I want to eat it.
I might be a lazy guy.
I do not want to eat it every day, but sometimes I crave to eat it so hard, because Papaya from my yard is so sweet and jucy. I can not shat down my desire sometimes.
It was redy to pick the fruits soon, but I realized it is female Papaya tree.
Female Papaya tree is more like ball shape than male Papaya.
Male Papaya is one we can see in the market looking like more oval shape.
Female Papaya is less sweetness than male Papaya, and the inside of Papaya is more hollowed than Male one. It means less place to eat.
That is why it is very rare to find in the market.
I need it when I make sea turtle with Papaya for decoration sometimes, but
Most people prefer male one cause of the taste.
However , we do not know until the fruit is getting bigger, so some peopel plants two of Papaya nursery tree same place and cut down one of it, when they get fruits, in case of one of them are female.
I feel so bad but it is going to be good manure.