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Mazaki Nakiri 180mm White II Steel blade Knife  $214

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Mazaki Nakiri 180mm White II Steel blade Sanmai-Uchi Knife With Octagonal Shaped Ho handle forged by Mr. Naoki Mazaki

Please click here to see Mr. Mazaki knife forging video

The blacksmith , Mr. Naoki Mazaki started on the blacksmith job since 2011, and in 2017, he has established his own business at his own factory after he had worked at Yoshikane, Sanjyo.

This blade is thick on the spine and taper to the tip side. It works great for cutting or split into the ingredient like an ax.

Hagane: Hitachi white II steel (C; 1.0-1.1%, Si.; 0.10-0.20%, Mn; 0.20-0.30, P; less than 0.025, S; less than 0.004)

Blade Length from the tip to the heel; 7 1/4 inch (185mm) Handle Length; 5 inch (128mm) Total Length; 12 7/8 inch (327mm) Knife weight: 7oz. Spine width nearby the heel is 3mm (3/16 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine: 54mm (2 1/8 inch) HANDLE; octagonal shaped Ho (Japanese magnolia) with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE; Hitachi white II steel (high carbon steel) with Sanmai Uchi (soft iron cladding)