Japanese Parsimmon and Yuzu

The both of the fruits were from our yard. Every one knows the left side one is Japanese Parsimmon.
The right side one looks a small citrus fruit. That is called Yuzu in Japanese. We, Japanese enjoy the scent of Yuzu on the skin with many kinds ways.
We peel the skin and chop it up and put in soup or put on the top of hot or cold dishes just like lemon zest.
We also put lots of whole Yuzu in a hot bath and we also enjoy the scent and extract to the bath from Yuzu. I think it is good for our skin. Yuzu is the one of the smell that we remember nostalgia to Japan.
Old says, Peach and chestnut three years, Parsimmon is eight years, and stupid Yuzu is 13 years. It talks about how long takes the each of trees need to get fruits from seeds.
It was almonst right. The both of them took the fruits about 10 years.
I had cut parsimmon once on the way of 10 years, so it took little bit more.
They almost make me crazy to wait for getting fruit for 10 years.