I am so sorry that the pictue looks not good. There is very busy place so I did not want to stop and take a pictures to avoid getting scolding or killed by the knife.
Just kidding but it is very serious place.
All pictures in Tsukiji are just keep walking and took a shots, so some of them are not nice shots.
I apologize for it.
I went back to Japan a couple weeks ago, and I visited Tsukiji Fish Market where is the largest fish market in the world.
There are auction places for professional buyers, and thousands of wholesale fish markets for fish markets and restaurants. There are also lots of small fish markets and restaurants outside of Tsukiji Fish Market too.
There are not only selling fish, they also sell mega tons of vegetables for wholesale in the same site.
The place in the picture is one of wholesale fish market deal with only Tuna.
This Maguro looks oily and fresh.
He has Maguro Bocho(knife) which is much longer than Sashimi knife.
It is for slice Maguro fillet with one stroke.

That is why I guess it has a longer blade like Samurai Sword, not for killing people.

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