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I have cloth chef knife case.
I used it for over 15 years.
It is all right but it is kind of messy and I do not feel good using it.
It costed me about $50.
It was little expensive to me back in 15 years ago.
My father has own company for over 50 years to make all kinds of cases and bags.
His company makes a fancy black chef knife hard case.
I can get it from my father company, but it is little too fancy to me and too big to me to take it to work place.
That is why I had looked for knife case that is long enogh, and strong, and easy to carry, and etc. for a long time.
Last year, I finally found one of my co-worker sushi chef had this tackle box by Craftman.
It looks really good size for a long knives.
If you have 13 inch blade knife.
It could be 0ver 19 inch total length.
This case fits up to 21 inch.
They have also one size smaller case, if you do not need long one like this.
In the picture, the case has 13 inch Yanagi, 12 inch American chef knife, Usuba, Ai-Deba, and petty knife.
There is much more space that you can see in the picture.
It may fit 5 more knives or something else.
It has handle out side of tackle box, and it’s got double layers wall to make the tackle box stronger and lighter.
It is originally for tools so it is heavy duty.
I can not find any problems on this tackle box, and most wonderful thing is price.
It is very reasonable price for knife case.
I had been looking for hardwear stores in Honolulu to find something to be better knife case than this one, but I could not find anything like this case.
I also went to many of Japanese chef knife stores in Japan too.
If you are interested in Japanese Chef Knives, please click to see my website above URL