It is not too bad about $30 for a box of Uni.

It is almost the same price as U.S. whole sale price.

When we eat uni at sushi bar, it looks it is so marked up, but if one order 2 pieces of Uni is $8.00, it is even after sold 4 orders(8 pieces). $8X 4 orders=$32

I guess one tray can make 8 to 10 orders so it just mark up twice so it is not too much marked up. However, it depend on how much on Uni on the Uni sushi.

Some Sushi chefs put it on little bit, and some guy put it on a lot.

I used to live in northan part of Japan, Iwate Prefecture.

My friend is fisherman so he brought Bowl of fresh Uni sometimes, and we just get ramen size bowls and put on steamy rice on the bowl as much as we want and then, put over super fresh Uni until the rice can’t see from the top.

What else we need is soysouce and wasabi.

We did not need any other garnish.

It is just so sweet. No backup taste or unique Uni smell with fresh Uni.

It has just ocean flavor and natural sweetness.

That was one of happiest moment with eating something!

I need the moment one more time again!