TESSHU Japanese Chef Knife 210mm Blue II steel wider version wagyuto

TESSHU Japanese Chef Knife 210mm Blue II steel wider version wagyuto

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TESSHU Japanese Chef Knife 210mm Blue II steel blade with octagonal shaped Ho Wood handle w/ water buffalo ferrule Wa Gyuto (wider version)

TESSHU is our Japanese cooking knife brand name which is made by selected very skillful craftsmen in Sakai, Osaka.

Please click here to see the blacksmith of Tesshu

After the processes that video shows, there are many more processes to cut off or sanding to knife shape, and heat processes like quenching and tempering. His forging speed is super fast that is very important skill to have great cutlery at Hizukuri (forging process). It makes the particles of the steel structure rougher (loosing Carbon) with heating up many times during forging process. Mr. Kenichi Shiraki is very skillful blacksmith, and he makes before sharpening processes, and Mr. Kazumi Kawakita who is also very skillful sharpening specialist sharpens the blade.

The brand name, Tesshu derives from Tesshu Yamaoka who is a master swordsman, Zen master, and calligraphy master. I have nothing relationship with him, but I deeply respect him, and I use his first name for our brand name. Hopefully, we will keep track of right way like him in the future.

We will try to provide high quality selected knives with reasonable prices.


Blade Length (from the tip to Machi); 8 1/4inch (210mm) Handle Length; 5 3/8 inch (137mm) Total Length; 13 7/8 inch (357mm) Knife weight; 5oz. The heel part of the spine width is 3mm (3/16 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine; 49mm HANDLE; octagonal shaped Ho (Japanese magnolia) and water buffalo horn ferrule BLADE; blue 2 Steel (high carbon steel) Blade with Sanmai Uchi Hitachi blue II steel (C; 1.0-1.1%, Si.; 0.10-0.20%, Mn; 0.20-0.30, P; less than 0.025, S; less than 0.004), Chrome; 0.3-0.5%, Tungsten; 1.0-1.5%