SHAPTON Glass Stone

SHAPTON Glass Stone #500 for Rough Finishing Whetstone

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SHAPTON Glass Stone 500 grit, 29.4 micron 210mmX70mmX10mm(stone 5mm/glass 5m) for Rough Finishing Whetstone for Cooking Knife

SHAPTON Item NO.50102

It is one of my favorite Shapton Glass Series. Shapton sets exactly the same particles sizes, and it does not contaminate with larger size particles, so we feel higher grit than the grit indicated by Shapton. I feel #800 or #1000 in other brand whetstones.

Shapton Glass #500 grit is very fast cut as rough whetstone, and I do not feel slipping the blade on the whetstone, and I feel that it grips very well and keeps on losing the steel and iron.