Straight Razor and Japanese Razor Case 183mm

Straight Razor and Japanese Razor Case 183mm

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Straight Razor and Japanese Razor Case 183mm made by Shigemori Aoki (Made in Japan) ****The razor in the pictures is not included with the case. The razor is used for indicating the size of the razor case****

I have looking for a nice Japanese razor case and straight razor case for a long time. I realized that my father has made camera case, camera lens case, I-phone case, knife case, and all kind of bags with leather or synthetic material for big name brand companies. I had not known what the black synthetic leather case with Kanoyama #80000 strop is made by him until talked with him recently. He has worked in the business field for 60 years since he was 15 years old. He started own business early 20 years old, and Aoki Seisakusho that is the name of his company that is still there in Saitama, Japan for 50 years.

It is great for carrying razor to travel or feeling secure the razor is in the case. The material of the razor case is made of; outside of the case is genuine cow soft leather without any chemical treatment or oil treatment, so you may put on your own. If you would like to put on oil, and the inside of the case is micro fiber material. I think that the material is used often eye glasses case. It fits just Straight razor and Japanese razor (in the pictures, the razor is Iwasaki 50mm razor) The closed total length is 183mm (7 1/4inch) The width is 55mm (2 1/8inch)